• Petrol Digital Inverter Generators

    Petrol Digital Inverter Generators

    The Genquip inverter range of generators is engineered specifically for the camping, caravan and campervan user. The Genquip inverter range meets the specific criteria for this market by providing unobtrusive noise levels, sturdy lightweight construction and clean power output. Low noise output and fuel economy is achieved by the use a load dependent smart throttle that [...]

  • Ecoboxx 1500

    Ecoboxx 1500

    The ecoboxx 1500 can run large TV’s,most microwaves, power-tools and even household fridges. A 1500w pure sine wave inverter provides clean power to sensitive appliances like laptops, audio equipment and power management systems found in modern caravans.An integrated 20A MPPT solar controller regulates the charge provided by the 130W solar panel kit. Easily monitor both [...]

  • VM Motori Diesel

    VM Motori Diesel

    VN Motori was founded in 1947. The company is specialised in the design and production of high quality diesel engines for a variety of uses. VM motori D700 series is available in 3 and 4 cylinder naturally aspirated and 3 and 6 cylinder turbocharged models. The D700 series are manufactured in Cento, Italy, for Construction [...]

  • Tradie 3000W Digital Inverter Generator

    Tradie 3000W Digital Inverter Generator

    The new GENQUIP Tradie Digital Inverter generator gives a whopping 3000W of clean pure sine wave power. This is more than sufficient power to run high output items like drop saws and large grinders. Tradesman have longed for a compact, quiet generator that produces clean power at a competitive price and finally it is here. [...]

  • KOHLER Diesel Generators

    KOHLER Diesel Generators

    KOHLER commercial-grade backup power systems are powerful, fast,automatic,quiet and clean. Powered by durable Mitsubishi or JOHN DEERE multi-cylinder water-cooled diesel engines they are available from 8 kVA to 300 kVA. Every KOHLER power system is reliable because total integration is engineered in from the start. All models are fitted with the Kohler sound enclosure, which [...]

Genquip Ecoboxx 120 Review

Featured on whatsupdownunder.com.au, story by Anthony Hayden (www.highwaydreams.net) Small, Simple, Reliable- 3 words that make up the foundation of a great portable power solution. These 3 words would definitely be used to sum up Genquip’s latest solar kit. Recently we got hold of one of Genquip’s Ecoboxx 120 solar units and put it to the [...]

Transfer Pumps Petrol
Petrol Transfer Pump 3inch Electric Start

A maximum flow rate of over 650 litres per minute with a total head of 30 metres.

Generators Digital Inverter
Digital Inverter Generator 3300W Electric Start
Digital Inverter Generator 3300W Electric Start

3300 watts of power yet weighs only 30kg which is 50% lighter than its main competitors.

Digital Inverter Generator 2000W
Digital Inverter Generator 2000W

2000W Power, 2 Year (limited) Warranty & is packed with a host of new & improved features.

Digital Inverter Generator 1000W
Digital Inverter Generator 1000W

1000W Power, 2 Year (limited) Warranty & is packed with a host of new & improved features.